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Workforce Development

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Products and Services

We offer professional cleaning services plus a range of environmentally friendly and safe to use cleaning products.

Nordic Pioneer | Training Development

Nordic Pioneer is an industry leader in the fields of cleaning, environment, housing and waste management. With a passion to up-skill each of these crucial sectors, we provide the best possible training to front-line staff to ensure that they have the knowledge and abilities to meet each of their particular sector’s requirements.

As well as workforce development, Nordic is also recognised for delivering engaging apprenticeship programmes to young people across the entire UK. Our apprenticeships help these young learners to acquire the practical skills and theoretical knowledge they need to enter into – and progress within – the cleaning, housing and waste management sectors.

As a forward-thinking company, Nordic was the very first in the UK to provide apprenticeship programmes within the housing sector, giving young people the chance to work within a highly important and challenging sector.

One of the best things about Nordic Pioneer is that our training services are highly flexible. Depending on the needs of your organisation, we can provide 24-hour training seven days a week. Where most colleges also close over the summer holidays, we work throughout the entire year to ensure that your staff can have the training they need, when they need it most.

It is not just training services that we provide, however. We ourselves are experts in cleaning, environmental cleaning and waste management, and we have also developed professional and environmentally-friendly products that are proven to effectively remove graffiti and other stains from a wide range of different areas and surfaces.


Every day, Nordic Pioneer works to fulfil a range of company objectives. Together, we aim:

  •  To achieve a healthy sustainable organisation based on delivering activities that include:
  1. Recruiting and delivering unemployment programmes to many individuals
  2. Recruiting and delivering successful apprenticeship programmes to hundreds of young apprentices
  3. Recruiting and delivering hundreds of workforce development programmes to employees, with the support of our partners
  4. Recruiting programmes for those who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs)
  • To develop effective strategic partnerships with work programme providers to maximise opportunities for existing workforces and young learners alike
  • To help unemployed learners back into employment based on Nordic Pioneer’s centre for excellence for cleaning
  • To achieve a significant success rate in qualifications gained by learners across all our programmes
  • To achieve a high number of apprentices completing their programmes
  • To implement a programme of action to ensure we achieve Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ across the organisation
  • To achieve ‘excellent’ employer satisfaction scores for employer responsiveness


Nordic has been recognised for its dedication to the cleaning, environmental, housing and waste management sectors through the achievement of various industry awards. We are particularly proud to have been awarded the prestigious Eric Hill Award, in collaboration with the City and Guilds Institute and the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners, in 2011 – thanks to our achievement in delivering the most apprenticeships throughout the UK last year.

This award – and many others – shows that we really are serious about what we do. We are committed to providing high-quality and affordable training to cleaning staff and helping young people back into employment through practical work experience within some interesting sectors.


Although our head office is based in County Durham, Nordic Pioneer operates across the entire UK, delivering apprenticeships in partnership with various local councils and providing workforce development programmes wherever our clients are based.

If you work within the cleaning, environmental, housing or waste management sectors and require thorough and professional training for your staff – or if you are looking to undertake an apprenticeship in order to gain a footing and progress within one of these interesting sectors – then contact us today and experience our top-quality training services for yourself.

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About Us

Nordic Pioneer Ltd is an award-winning training company specialising in providing apprenticeships and training within the cleaning, waste management and housing sectors. We are also highly experienced in the field of graffiti removal and prevention, delivering professional and environmentally friendly cleaning products for use within a range of different environments.